Why do you need to tag your content?

If you’re an online content publisher, it’s beneficial to tag articles or forum posts with categories such as Sports, Health, Beauty & Fitness, etc. Doing so has a number of benefits including:

  1. Increase advertising revenue. Usually onsite adverts (e.g. from Google Ads) are targeted to pages using the website’s URL for increased relevance. For example, if you wanted to advertise ‘sports trainers’ you might push the advert to all pages containing ‘sports’. However, realistically not all content about sports will sit within URLs containing ‘sports’, especially for user-generated-content websites where categorisation cannot…

There are lots of brilliant tutorials explaining how to build a Plotly Dash dashboard whilst connecting to a static Pandas DataFrame, but very few explaining how to connect to a SQL database (for example, Bigquery, Snowflake, AWS). By connecting directly to the database we can enable the end user to become more self-sufficient and pull the data they require as and when they need.

In this example we are going to connect JupyterDash to a Bigquery database, specifically the StackOverflow dataset. …

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics’s behavioural reports, you’ll know that you can analyse the various journeys users have within their session, see example below:

Really useful stuff!

But what if you wanted to dig a little deeper and understand how users are interacting with your website between sessions — specifically the pages users land on between sessions like so:


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